Boult Audio Airbass Monopod

Is Boult Audio AirBass Monopod is really worth it?

In the era of True wireless earphones you might think twice about buying a monopod/unipod, isn’t it? So you have landed in the right place to find your answer.

In this article I am going to write the review of Boult Airbass Monopod in terms of five points.

  • Design And Build Quality:

As we know   TWS needs to be small but this monopod looks very tiny at first impression.

Also this is very lightweight even if you are wearing it or just holding it you will not feel like having it.

There Is a silver lining with boult audio logo on the physical buttons which gives a kind of premium look.

You will find the USB 2.0 charging port at the bottom of the monopod.

  • Functions: 

For calling option like taking or ending a call you have a physical button

for music play/pause option you also also need to use that same button.

One of the Interesting function is that if you double click the button ,  a call will be automatically get connected to your latest contact from your call history.

  • Comfort: 

This monopod will get fit into your ear by very comfortably. As I have already mentioned about the lightweight , yes you will not feel it  having on your year even if you are wearing it.

The silicon Ear bud is the main reason behind its comfort, you can wear it conitonously for some hours without any hesitation.

Last thing  in terms of comfort, it does not fall off  from your ear if you are working out I have tried this by shaking my head very intensively (haha Emojitongue-out) it worked perfectly.

  • Connectivity: 

It comes with blueetooth V4.2,There is no issues in connectivity.

During Bluetooth Pairing mode there is a tiny blue –red light keeps on blinking till completion of successful Pairing.

It gets connected very fast to your  device. It  worked very fine  with my mobile ,laptop also it worked with the smart tv very easily.

As it is blutooth 4.2 version the range is not that great I found it could have been better, works good if your device is within a room.

  • Audio Quality: 

Here comes the main part for any audio device.

Yes this monopod pass this test very well. As the name says Air Bass, I just surprised by the bass of this tiny device. it is simply awesome. If you are bass lover you are going to love this at first instance.

Audio is very clear  Overally sound quality is very good.

Another Advantage is, Audio quality during call is super clear, I asked one of my friend is he able listened my audio clearly?  It was clear after I told him that I am using this device for calling He told me  that he is not able to notice any  difference .

  • Battery Life: Less, good for a day

Boult Claims 6 hrs Playtime but I found it is around 4Hrs maximum.



Call Quality



Conectivity Range

Battely Life

Final Verdict :

I was looking for a Pair of good  TWS around the price point of 1500-2000. But there are so much product available each having any kind of cons which did not fit intomy requirements. So I brought  this unipod at price of 600 Indian rupees and this also comes with  1 year warranty from Boult Audio. One this I did not like There is no pouch available inside the box

The boult monopod performance just excellent looking at the price point. If you are looking to have an experience of  TWS  but don’t want to spend too much, I think this monopod is the best choice for you.

If you are looking to use this for calling purpose during drive/work this will work perfectly. I gifted this to my mother and she is loving it, while doing her kitchen work she is able to listen music and also using forcalling purpose.

I will rate it 8 out of 10 according to my experience.

At last I want say a big YESSS, Boult Audio AirBass Monopod is totally worth the price.

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